Sunday, August 15, 2010

That's Not All Folks! Looney Tunes To Return

Know a kid (or kid at heart) currently growing up without knowing what it's like to laugh at Wile E Coyote's misfortunes, Daffy Duck's sarcasm, or the desperate black cat eager to shake off the advances of Pepe Le Pu? Well worry no more; Looney Tunes are comin' back baby!

Right now the folk at Warner Bros are dusting off all things ACME, to give fans of the cartoon hall of famers a whole new set of treats. Firstly The Looney Tunes Show kicks off this fall on Cartoon Network, second a live action/animated feature film is in the works for Bugs himself, and thirdly, and coolest of all, animated shorts of the 'Tunes are set to kick off Warner Bros. movies - coming soon to a theatre near you.

You don't have to set a trap with birdseed either to catch a glimpse of what's ahead, I've got the first just for you, right here;

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