Monday, August 02, 2010

Thor and Mr. Fantastic Originally in Mike Zeck's 'Secret Wars' #1 Cover Image

You all know Mike Zeck's historically awesome cover to Secret Wars #1 don't you? Here in NZ, we received both the U.S issues, as well as the U.K oversized versions, with Zoids back-up strips.

Somewhere along this line, I remembered an image of the famous composition with Thor and Mr. Fantastic flying high, where the book's logo traditionally sits.

It made sense, they were the only 'big guns' not in the mix, but with no google-able visual proof I decided to ask Mr Zeck himself if this version existed or if it was just a trick of a memory that's read one to many comics. He replied;

"Yep, they were up there on my original version.

Knowing that the art for cover #1 was going to be used for an advertising poster as well as the comic cover, I threw everyone on there for poster purposes. Logo considerations caused a couple of the top characters to be trimmed out on the cover itself."

Yes, validation! And with that I was finally able to track down this;

Notice Shadowcat also peaks her head in on the left, yet never appeared in the series as part of the heroes collective! Thanks again goes to Mike Zeck, the man that got me addicted to Captain America, for his time. The fact the net can put you in touch with the your all-time favourite comic book creators, is pretty durn sweet.


  1. Holy S%$#! Dan, i found a picture from when i had this poster as a kid. all these years i never noticed the difference between the comic cover and poster!

  2. It's a shame that when this image has been reproduced as a painted image it has not included the characters that were cut out. If I remember correctly, Kitty Pryde wasn't in the story so perhaps that makes sense, although I'd just assume have her in the image myself. But Thor and Mr. Fantastic most definitely were there and should have been in the reproduction.

    I had this poster as well as a kid. It came out of a Secret Wars coloring book.

  3. Thanks Capital City and welcome to IADW!

    I agree the other characters should have been brought back in the image going forward, especially Thor - I mean who doesn't like him right now?

    My poster came out of a sticker collection Secret Wars book. Just wish I had kept them now.

  4. Anonymous2:53 am

    Do you remember the exact name of the items where you found the poster? You talk about a coloring book but also about a sticker collection!

  5. Hi Anon - yes Panini had a sticker collection album out around the same time in the 80's and you'd buy packs of stickers to fill the album and complete the storyline. The colouring books pitted Cap and Iron Man vs Doctor Doom and Kang, or Spidey and Wolverine vs Doctor Octopus and Magneto. Twas good times all round.