Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thunderstrike 2, Beast's Year, Plus a Marvellous My Little Pony, It's...

CRUNCH: I cursed 90's Marvel. Every #1 I picked got knocked out before decades end. From Darkhawk to Thunderstrike - all my fault.

Now my guilt eases with the news Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz are working on a new Thunderstrike mini-series. Will Eric come back from the dead? Will the ponytail come with him? For clues hit the jump.

CRUNCH: Got a hankerin' for some Hank McCoy? Check out Bully's blog for 365 days of the bouncing, bubbly Beast, right after the jump.

CRUNCH: Think Archie meeting the Tiny Titans is big news? How about this fan-made merger; Joe Acevedo's My Little Pony / Luke Cage. 

Sure it's a bit of a 'What the?' moment, but after that wears off Joe's actually done a pretty decent job. See the Thing get the same treatment, and his other custom-figures by clicking jump.

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