Monday, August 30, 2010


Without writer Brian Michael Bendis, Spider-Woman's fate could easily have been that of 'iconic nick-nack' gathering dust on the mantle at the House of Ideas. Instead the scribe provided just enough of a butt-kick to get Marvel to polish Jessica Drew off and put their potential first-lady in a much better position.

Now with an ongoing role in the Avengers, it's time to spin back through the web of the arachnid amazon and see what six covers her pheromone based powers have made the most attractive.

6) The New Avengers vol1 #36 Leinil Francis Yu 'Snikt'? Try 'Yikes!'
5) Spider-Woman vol1 #39 Steve Leialoha Blending the heroine into the backdrop is an awesome concept, and what isn't better with ninjas?
4) Spider-Woman #7 (Agent of S.W.O.R.D.) Alex Maleev Simple, gentle, yet amazing - boy this guy can paint!

Click through the break to see candidate numbers 3 to 1!

3) The New Avengers vol1 #15 Frank Cho When she looks this good who wouldn't having Spider-Woman climbing their walls?
2) Spider-Woman vol1 #1 Joe Sinnott Iconic and eye-catching - few have nailed the mask, or character as well in the years since.

1) Spider-Woman #1 (Agent of S.W.O.R.D.) Alex Ross Variant Who hasn't this guy done a defining image of? Here by zooming in on Marvel's lady in red, Alex not only nails the costume, he captures the alluring aspect of the avenger, with only her web-wings for contrast.


  1. I would put original series #50 (I think) on this list--the one with the photo cover. Looks kinda goofy now, but at the time was really eye-catching.

    Also there was a Frank Miller cover from the OS that featured photostats of Frankenstein and the Wolfman. Another one that jumps out at you.

    Of course, the current covers, all featuring SW's enormous boobs, also jump out at you, too...

  2. Thanks for that Rob!

    The photo cover was in the contenders line-up too. It looked like a few Marvel titles did them around the same time(?).

    With all the modern fan-dangled photo tech available a month wide photo cover event could be really cool!

  3. who needs Playboy magazine when you've got marvel publishing covers like these. and when it comes to DC Adam Hues covers are just as "interesting". especially when they feature Power Girl!