Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vampirella Does A Wonder Woman, Create Stan Lee's Logo and Union Jack For Cap, It's...

CRUNCH: In comics great things often get hidden behind larger assets, and Vampirella is no exception. So Dynamite are shifting the focus onto story by having comics iconic pin-up girl do a 'Wonder Woman' and chuck a jacket on when #1 debuts this November. Don't worry - the vampire vampire killer's classic look will still be on all the cover variants, which you can check out in the preview, right after the jump.

CRUNCH: Want to work for Stan Lee? Turn the rhetorical question into a reality by whipping up an all new logo for the living legend's Stan Lee Foundation. A non-profit organisation designed to promote and encourage access to literacy, education and the arts, you can see Stan's video brief here or visit the Foundation's current website to get your creative juices flowing.

CRUNCH: Images from Captain America: The First Avenger have made their way net side, and look at this for attention to detail;

Now if only somewhere along the film they swap these Union Jacks;
for this one;
...all will be right with the world. Set images in full after the jump.

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  1. that's a nice out fit Vampirella is almost wearing.