Monday, August 23, 2010

Predicting September's Best Comics

HIT PICK TO CLICK: NEW TEEN TITANS: GAMES HC (DC): The creative team that made the New Teen Titans the #1 book in the 80's is back rearing to dish out a little more of the same! More action from Marv Wolfman - more art from George Perez, - more Nightwing, Cyborg and Raven - all in one hot little self-contained hardcover.

FANTASTIC FOUR #583 (Marvel): Artist Steve Epting and Dr Doom touchdown in the issue which kicks off the storyline that will see the death of one of the four! Four down to three? Who will it be? (I always sucked at subtraction)

INCOGNITO: BAD INFLUENCES #1 (Marvel - Mature Readers): Writer Ed Brubaker's pulp series returns! Zack Overkill's finding the Government's leash a little to tight, but sent back to the darkest parts of the underworld he was raised in, that leash might soon become his noose!

THOR: FOR ASGARD #1 (of 7) (Marvel): I'm sure Robert Rodi's story of a hammer-less God of Thunder trying to reunite his fathers empire will be one for the books - but hey; this is Thor drawn by Simone Bianchi. Kinda sells itself really.

RATCHET AND CLANK #1 (Wildstorm): Fresh from saving the universe Ratchet and Clank look for some R&R. But where most folks struggle to find the remote, the duo start to realise whole planets have gone missing and set out to throw a few spanners in the culprit's works!


  1. My pick from the List Brubaker's Incognito.. been waiting for months and finally is just at the corner..Sweet

  2. Nice pick IFF!

    I think Ed's other creator owned title Criminal is probably my most re-read set of comics. I'm hoping this one continues in the same sweet fashion!

  3. I've gotta say, the thing I'm most excited for in September is Marvel's Mighty Thor Omnibus (unless they delayed which case it's what I'm looking forward to most in whatever month it comes out!). That book has been a long time coming, and I can't wait to get my hands on another massive hardcover filled with oversized Kirby artwork.

  4. Hey Marc, thanks for the great comments - and welcome to IADW!

    You're right, the Thor Omnibus is going to be a wicked piece. I think allot of people overlook Jack's work on Thor, in favour of his runs on books like Cap and the F.F -but Thor is where he did some of his most cosmic work.

    Plus that costume is a Kirby classic!