Thursday, August 05, 2010

With Friends Like These: The Best Avengers vs Marvel Covers

Today Marvel released this teaser image, that in November, the Avengers are going head-to-head with the Thunderbolts. Anyone would think 'Earth's Mightiest' just don't get along with 'Earth's Almost Mightiest' - they're always throwing down against their fellow heroes, from the X-Men to The Fantastic Four!

So here's a rundown of the best Avengers vs Marvel covers, right to number one. Starting off, the three title clashes between Cap's team and the Justice League-ish Squadron Supreme.

Avengers vol1 #70 (by Sal Buscema), Avengers vol1 #141 ( by Gil Kane), Avengers vol3 #6 (by George Perez). For the remaining candidates, including number one follow on through...

Avengers vol1 #93 (vs The Fantastic Four by Neal Adams), Avengers vol1 #350 (vs The Starjammers by Steve Epting), Avengers vol1 #53 (vs The X-Men by John Buscema), and the number one champion?

AVENGERS Vol 1 #3 (vs The Hulk and Sub-Mariner by Jack Kirby) Not only is it a sweet angle done by the late, great Jack Kirby, there's something to be said for the days of Marvel where Namor would just show up and pick a fight with that title's hero.

Plus as half of the most iconic Defenders line-up, it gets even cooler when you picture your perspective as that of the Silver Surfer or Dr Strange!


  1. These new Thunderbolts are corssing over in a lot of different storylines. It makes me wonder if Marvel has a lack of faith in them being able to carry a book on their own.

    Dan, I wanted to ask you something. Assuming there will actually be a new "man without fear", who do you think will take over Daredevil's post?

  2. Hey Kello, thanks for the great comments!

    I was surprised the Thunderbolts went into Shadowland, but then again maybe the chance to see Juggernaut smash Hand ninjas, was to tempting to pass up! This I think lends itself a bit more naturally, but hopefully they'll be a bit more solo afterwards.

    Who do I reckon should step in as Daredevil? As a Hornhead fan I always thought that the successor should be the Black Widow, 'the woman without fear' but as she has her own book at the mo' I doubt that's headed our way.

    I would love it to be Nightcrawler, that would have alot of great angles to play off, while keeping the books religious overtones - but in reality I'm thinking it will be Black Tarantula, who Matt's been helping get back on the straight and narrow for a while.

    So much for a short answer huh? Who do you think it will be?

  3. I wish it could be Falcon. But I don't see him supporting a monthly book, so I'm guessing T'Challa will be the one to take over DD's spot, at least for a little while.