Wednesday, September 15, 2010

80's FOREVER SPIDER-MAN: Why A Title Set In The Past Ain't A Bad Idea

It's days like this I wish Marvel would start up a Spider-Man book that went back to the period of the character's life he was working his way through in the 80's. Not for anything to do with One More Day or whatever (although that could be a bonus) but more for the villians.

Spidey's Steve Ditko designed rouges gallery is one of the sweetest and most visually awesome bunch of crooks in the whole Marvel U, and while some have recently been updated, made more sinister or replaced, their classic look and motivations still have plenty of possibilities to explore. 

Sure Venom would just scratch inside the adventures of '80's Forever Spidey' but even then it wouldn't be the end of the world if he didn't. I mean just look at this variant cover to Amazing Spider-Man #645 by Bryan Hitch! Vulture... Sandman... Mysterio... just damn. If this was the cover to 80's Spidey #1 I would be one happy little dude.


  1. 100% agreed! I bet the series would do pretty well too, especially if they slapped the black costume on him. I'm a huge fan of the Black Cat/Kingpin/gang-war era, with its street-level stories and interesting new villains like the Hobgoblin. Even if it wasn't in continuity, I'd love to see something akin to Claremont's X-Men Forever and Simonson's X-Factor Forever, perhaps written by Roger Stern or Tom DeFalco.

  2. I'm really starting to think every DC and Marvel hero should be set back to zero every 10 years or so. These characters just aren't meant to retain the same storyline for decades on end, it just gets absurd.

    As an example--DC keeps moving up the date when Superman, Batman, the rest of JLA debuted. It used to be about a 20-year gap between the end of the JSA and the beginning of the next "age" of heroes.

    Now that gap--because you can't move the JSA out of WWII--is almost forty years, which is crazy---there were NO superheroes for over four decades in the DCU?!?

    Readers get too attached to "their" version of a given hero. If superhero comics are to survive, you need to bring in new fans and you'll never do that if a new reader has to read 1000 pages of back material to understand what's going on.

    I'd love to see DC and Marvel just start over, and hire to-flight talent to do limited runs on various big-ticket heroes. And after a decade when everything has been tried, and there's a new generation of creators knocking at the door, just start all over again--Clark keeping his i.d. secret from Lois, Peter courts Mary Jane, etc., this time each reflecting the mood of the culture at that time, helping make superhero comics relevant again.

    Whew! I had no idea how long this would go when I started. Sorry for the rant!

  3. look at Spidey go! i haven't seen him kick so much ass at once since he took on the X-Men in Secret Wars #3.
    i really like these heroic against all odds kinda kinda fight scenerios. the forest battle in which Optimus takes on all those decepticons was one of the very few redeeming qualities of Transformers II. then ofcourse there's always 300.
    and for those of you who know Israel's military history you'll see just how life sometimes imitates art. but unlike the Spartans i'm glad to say the outcome for the Israelis was a bit brighter, albiet not by a whole lot though.

  4. Thanks for all the great comments guys - awesome stuff!

    Marc - I loved the whole Hobgoblin/Rose/Kingpin run too. Hobby was never the same when they demonised him huh?

    Rob - No worries! I've never looked at it like that. I always dive into a title armed with just knowing the basic concept and figure a good writer will fill me in on the run. But your right - do fans want to read about a Peter Parker out of university?

    Or do we keep him in there and just update every so often so everyone gets the thrill of him getting picked on by Flash, dating Gwen, and juggling the Bugle, with being Spidey and Aunt May's health?

    I loved the 80's run of him as a broke 20 something but who knows. As for the JSA gap....

    David - Yeah I love the whole few against the many set-up too. My favourite; the exhausted and weakened Avengers vs a cave full of Ultrons in the Busiek/Perez run. That was just freakin' awesome.

    Will have to turn that into a 'Moments In Cool' post soon I reckon.