Tuesday, September 07, 2010


THR caught a few words with Andrew Garfield, as he prepares for the head-spin that is stepping into the tights of Sony's next Spider-Man.

Nothing too revolutionary, but it's nice to see someone who has had a connection with the character step up to the plate. Actually the more I look at him the more I see Peter Parker too..

Read his full speal after the jump.


  1. At 27, Garfield is barely younger than Maguire was when he did the first Spidey movie. This whole reboot seems entirely pointless except to Sony accountants.

    I would have loved for them to go further, and cast like a 15-year old kid as Spider-Man, and really try and replicate the whole original Lee/Ditko feel from the beginning.

  2. So that's the new Peter Parker huh?

    i found your blog through a comment you made on on ROM Spaceknight gallery blog site and thought you might be interested to check out this one: http://www.romspaceknightart.blogspot.com/

    by the way your blog site looks great. it looks more like a real website then a blog.

  3. First of all not sure about this reboot thing it doesnt seem right..and there is no way this new spiderman can appeal to the fans like Tobey Maguire did

  4. Wow, thanks for all the comments guys!

    I agree Rob I think a more Ditko/Lee faithful take would've been cool - especially if they didn't 'update' the costumes!

    Welcome to IADW 'The Dude' and thanks for the great feedback. Loved the ROM books in the 80's so look forward to checkin' your site out!

    IFF, Tobey Maguire sure left a mark didn't he - from the moment he got the part I could see him at the Bugle or pining at Aunt May's bedside.

  5. Just wanted to let you know Dan I got and responded to your comment on my blog. I think you'll see we have a similar outlook when it comes interacting with people and blog sites. I added myself to your followers list i'm sure you don't mind. You got a nice big fan base i can see why. You've obviously put a lot of time and energy into building your site for broad appeal. David