Friday, September 17, 2010

Voltron Movie Concept Art

With G.I. Joe, The A-Team and Transformers all box office giants, it only made sense that sooner of later Voltron would be shoved up on the big-screen in all his 80's glory. Well while talk on the robo-feline flick has gone back and forth, three alleged pieces of concept art have popped up on JoBlo - wrap your laughing gear around these;

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Now that's some scale! JoBlo also claims the screenwriters behind the upcoming Conan film and a Doctor Strange adaptation for Marvel are currently putting together the script. So what do you reckon? Official art? Either way those are some mighty fine images!

For the hi-res originals visit JoBlo.


  1. like a lot of others who visit this blog i loved Voltron as a kid. but we're getting into some dangerous territory when talking a about a Voltron movie. i think the A-Team was a box office bomb, everyone (myself included) thought G.I.Joe was a steaming pile of @#$%! and Transformers II was Michael Bay back to his usual crappy slam bam pandering to pop culture explosive crap movie making style.

  2. Yeah David - she's a dicey world the old Hollywood adaptation'. Personally I think the only Transformers movie that matters is the cartoon one from the 80's.

    Sure allot of staples seemed to bite it too quickly but man what a film!

  3. Anonymous4:38 pm

    What you need is someone that loved Voltron as a kid and will do it justice. If this is what the cats will look like (cats with a eating disorder)and voltron looking nothing like his old self then why make it. I would not mind seeing them a little updated but still look like cat machines. And keep the colors and why bother having it on earth, it does not always have to be earth.