Tuesday, September 21, 2010

COVER SHOTS: DC's December Solicitations

Christmas specials and bat-books aplenty aren't the only things on DC's December solicitations list. These four covers some of the best in their range, heading the way of those who are good-for-goodness-sake.

DC COVER OF THE MONTH: Batman: Hush Unwrapped Deluxe Edition HC - Jim Lee Ya' know if I was Jim Lee, I'd just draw amazing bits of art like this all the live-long day. Maybe stop for a sandwich now and then, but otherwise it'd be just me and my pen, chugging out awesomeness 24/7. I mean wouldn't you?

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Dave Johnson - Freedom Fighters #4, Dustin Nguyen - GEN13 #39, and Fiona Staples - Superman/Batman #79 (Featuring the return of DC One Million)!

For the full DC December range, click the jump.


  1. That Freedom Fighters might be one of the best covers ever. So stunningly simple and iconic.

  2. I know what you're saying Doug - sometimes the simplest is the most powerful isn't it!

    I wonder if DC would do artist month, where the same artist draws all the covers for the main line? If the talent was as strong as Dave Johnson it could make for one really impressive looking stand!