Tuesday, September 21, 2010

COVER SHOTS: IDW December Solicitations

IDW begins the run into the third Transformers movie in December. These three beauties, the best of the months covers in their range.

ARTIST AND TITLE (Left to right): David Finch - 5 Ways To Die #1, Federica Manfredi - Star Trek: Burden Of Knowledge, and Casey Coller - Transformers: Ironhide.

Full December IDW solicitations after the jump.


  1. Just picked up 5 days to die and it is really interesting too bad is a mini.

    Anyway Dan have u seen the new Heroes for hire 1 teaser

    It sure do have a large cast!!!

  2. Thanks for that IFF, some mini's just are far to short aren't they!

    Yip saw the new H4H teaser when I woke up this morning - awesome start to the day!