Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DnA To Relaunch Heroes For Hire

This year, Santa's naughty list has a new name Heroes For Hire.

No don't roll your eyes, sure Heroes For Hire has open and shut shop more times than your local corner store, but today's 'grand opening' announcement is worth a bit of notice. Why? Four words; Dan. Abnett. Andy. Lanning. Or one if you're in a hurry; DnA.

The writing combo behind Force Works, Legion Lost, Nova, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Thanos Imperative and The Authority revamp, will take on another 'back row' concept this December and rule the school with it, once again.

Brad Walker on pencils, Doug Braithwaite on covers. Ghost Rider. Punisher. Elektra. How can these anti-heroes stand each other, let alone work together? Does even a 'Spirit of Vengeance' need money that much?

While other actual heroes were also teased for this series last week (the Falcon, Misty Knight etc), this teaser could just be the dark end of the payroll, with Iron Fist, the one who shops around and puts together the skills and talents of the group, depending on the contract at hand. Just a thought.

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