Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grant Morrison Doesn't Just Write A Wicked Superman, He Stars In Rock Videos Too

Talk about a chain reaction! 2007 Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance creates Umbrella Academy for Dark Horse Comics, inspired by writer Grant Morrison’s efforts on Vertigo's Doom Patrol.

Inspiration leads to rumours of collaboration - then 'snap', 'crackle', 'pop' - in 2010, out comes this wee vid for the group's track Art Is The Weapon, starring the world's most thought-provoking Scotsman.

While Grant's D.P were partly behind the Umbrella Academy opening, I'm thinking this vid has more to do with Grant's Invisibles. 

I mean didn't the clip make you think of this cover? 

Nope? Just me then? Okay that's cool - just checking. 


  1. Dan is it just me or do i see a bit of a resemblance between you and Mr. Morrison? although i must say Morrison looks a bit more sinister in this photo then you do in your profile pic.

  2. Well as long as my photo's only semi-sinister :D

    I'd just settle for part of that imagination! Thanks for the comments David!