Sunday, September 26, 2010

MAKING A MARK: Daniel Clarke

Every Sunday, Making A Mark features one of the insanely talented artistic folk currently living up large on the web, and gives them a well deserved brag spot. This week the inde paint stylings of Daniel Clarke!

This South African artist has a natural vertigo feel to his art that makes for some truly powerful pieces. His digital work nails the realistic watercolour look, as he tackles various fantasy relms and concepts, including his own!

To see how he takes on Cap vs Iron Man, not to mention a Namor that actually looks like he's underwater, click through for the full story.

This shot of NAMOR is so realistic it looks like you're peering out into the ocean depths, through a submersible's camera! The classic diving suits haunting the background just polish off it's appeal.

When does STORM not look cool? Here the digital effects really make her a force of nature.

CAPTAIN AMERICA vs IRON MAN - Now this is how it should be. Personally, I think if you ever have Tony pulping Cap, you are sending the wrong message. This rectifies that problem.

This guy won't stay a freelancer for long! Surely with styles like these someone will snap him up - for some Hulk covers at least! Actually you can see Daniel render Hulk vs Spidey or Thor, over at his online gallery, right after the jump!


  1. Hey Dan

    that's some awesome stuff! is this you or is the name just a coincidence? i'm a bit confused here cause i don't remember you being from S. Africa.
    also wanted to let you know i finally added a long over due blog role to my site which includes yours of course. not likely too many people who know about mine don't already know about yours but it can't hurt.

  2. The different media he uses really gives the characters an interesting edge, especially that Storm pic. Great stuff.


  3. Hey Cderosby - welcome to IADW!

    I think the different media really mixes things up nicely too - and I mean it's Storm - like you're not going to use the watercolour look to do Marvel's main lady justice?

    Hey David,

    No it's not me although there is an underground society of Dan's secretly running the world in shadow, we haven't quite sorted the old 'hive mind' technique yet! Still it's on the to-do list!

  4. well if you ask Mel Gibson & Helen Thomas they'll tell you the Jews are secretly running the world not the Dans.

  5. Yeah but when was the last time Mel Gibson was right?

  6. ...1995? I think somebody laced that blue facepaint with some good mind-altering chemicals because the guy's been on a mental downhill slide since.

  7. 'Ya know Craig I've been starting to think that very thing!