Wednesday, September 08, 2010

MAKING A MARK EXTRA: James Hence Has Batman Do A Van Gogh

Mashing "fine art" with the world of Hollywood Sci-fi may cause certain circles in society to drop their jaws in horror, but when it's done as well as James Hence does it, everyone else is dropping theirs in amazement so any random critics just blend right in.

You can see how closely The Dark Starry Night relates to Vincent Van Gogh's original Starry Night. And as if the fact most prints are available on his website for a mere $10 wasn't cool enough, read his description of his work and method;

I’m inspired by television and movies from my childhood. It’s funny how you watch some of those things today and wonder why you were so obsessed with them at the time. I remember the Fonz being SO much cooler than he actually was. My paintings are basically just placards screaming ‘Childhood! It was amazing! I want it forever, please!’ I paint mainly in my pajamas, watching The Muppet Show and eating cereal. I’d like to think it shows.

It certainly does. In fact there's so much jaw-dropping going on, even the Muppets are getting in on the act;


  1. man! i wish my artistic imagination worked like this sometimes. that is one clever work of art. any modern art museum would be stupid not to display this piece if the opportunity was there. talk about a great way to connect the gen. X crowd to modern art.
    Dan, check out my latest post today which is about something the Comics Code Authority over looked for ROM issue 41 (1983). it'll crack you up!

  2. Thanks David! Glad you liked the art.

    Definitely a way of mixing the masters with the modern that's for sure.

  3. As long as you have cool stuff like this on your blog Dan i'll always be happy to leave a comment. there's a couple of other folks ( that aren't followers yet ) i want to show this Gotham/Starry Night art to so i hope you'll leave it on your blog a bit longer. i'd rather just direct them to your site since it's all around cool anyways instead of just emailing them a copy of the image. also, this guy is cool too just yesterday he added some awesome animated gifs to his blog's home page. like you he also commented on my latest posting, he's a huge Dr. Strange fan! anyways . .