Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With Aquaman, Hawkman and the Martian Manhunter back footing it around the DCU, you'd think I'd be one content little comic nut - wrong. While the Terminator still terminates and the Predators still pred, there is one shutdown 80's franchise that I always have an eye out and a few bucks set aside for - one in dire need of a reboot...

Sorry - but if that isn't the coolest poster ever printed, I'll do a strictly eating challenge Fear Factor - twice. The fact there isn't new RoboCop movies and (cough) action figures being pumped out as I type, is a sad result of the state of MGM I know. But hopefully those cogs get a good grease and oil change soon, because boy is now his time!

Even though today's media could pull the concept up on a much bigger scale, you don't even have to - it's all right there in the poster. He's a cyborg cop in a corrupt futuristic city, who instead of becoming its biggest victim, becomes its biggest hero (extra points if you connected the pin-up's slogan to the sales pitch used for BOOM! Studios' Soldier Zero).

RoboCop's Iron Man with kahunas, Terminator with a brain, and 110% kick-ass in motion. Do a Predators and start again from right after the ending of the first two (and still wickedly awesome) Robocop films, add in a decent rouge or two, and you're away. Trust me.


  1. YES! i loved Robocop! it's one of my all time favorite sci-fi movies. i don't know if you noticed Dan but i had that same movie poster up on my wall in that photo i sent you with the Secret Wars poster. only Peter Weller (ok maybe Clint Eastwood too)
    can make "Dead or alive your coming with me" sound cool!
    one other thing i have to mention. in the seen where he stops that liquer store robbery you can see two ROM issues on the comic stand that robber walks past when he first comes into the store. check out this still image:

  2. First of all I want to thank you guys for having blogs that give me something to smile about. Two thanks for letting a girl in the club. Three Robocop was way cool. And I had this poster too.

  3. @ The Dude - yip RoboCop is one of my all time great films as well. The creators once said RC was inspired by ROM and Judge Dredd, that's why ROM features where you mentioned, as well as in one of the flashback's of Murphy's son. Cool huh?

    @Darzia - Welcome to IADW! Glad this blog makes you smile, I have an allergy to negativity so try and keep it to small doses.

    As for being a girl - piff - no worries. Plus any girl who had a RoboCop poster is pretty sweet in my books!

    Funny, in High School the girls used to ask me to 'talk RoboCop' back when my voice was doing what male voices do - no one else could go as deep. Well there's the random fact of the day!

    Thanks for the comments folks!

  4. ya know Dan my dad said that he thought the ROM comics weren't just a coincidence in those scenes. i dismissed that notion cause sometimes he says stuff that just doesn't make much sense but looks like he was on to something much to my dismay.
    isn't darzia2001 something else? i found her on some pointless ROM facebook fan page lost and with out purpose. then i brought her to my blog and well, you can see how happy she is now.

  5. There are Robocop comics being published by Dynamite. I reviewed one over at CBR, and thought the series was ongoing. . .

  6. Wow thanks Doug! I hadn't heard of any since Avatar had the series, but yip you are right RoboCop is RoboCop-ing right now over at Dynamite.

    Check it out all... http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?CAT=DF-Robocop

  7. No negativity here Dan. Just kudos to you for having such a cool blog.