Thursday, September 16, 2010

PANEL OF THE BRIGHTEST DAY: #10 Firestorm and Back-Seat Driving

While Brightest Day 10 kicked off the ultimate domestic showdown for the Aqua-family, the bulk of the issue was spent doing some pretty heavy-lifting in the world of Firestorm. All the revelations made finding this fortnight's spoiler-free panel a bit of a trick, but the Nuclear Man saved the day with this;

The part of Firestorm I always digged was the inner-banter between Ronnie Raymond and teacher Professor Martin Stein. For a while there I wasn't sure any other combination would spark the same reaction, but scenes like this tell me the combo of Ronnie and Jason Rusch is already smokin'.

Now if they would only put those 'Kirby dots' back in his hair, all would be right with the world. Grab your copy of Brightest Day #10, out now.


  1. Did anyone else catch the fact that it appears Professor Stein can "hear" Ronnie when Ronnie and Jason are merged?

  2. I didn't Doug - but you are right! That's a pretty cool tie-in. Looking forward to seeing what happens after Brightest Day!

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Dude - I TOTALLY didn't catch that the Professor can hear Ronnie when they are merged. I gotta go back and check that out!

    The Irredeemable Shag