Saturday, September 18, 2010

PASSPORT STAMP: Dexterwee and NunoXEI

Rounding out the week on a high here on IADW - I get to say 'Gidday' to two more folks who have clicked 'Follow' right on this here blog; Dexterwee and NunoXEI!

Dexter Wee is an illustrator and comic book fan from the Philippines, with some pretty sweet original pages up over on his self-titled blog - just wait till you see the detail!

Nuno Teixeira hails from Canada, and is not only the self-confessed 'biggest Darkhawk fan' around, he runs three blogs of his own - including one based on those mythological staples, Centaurs! Checkout Centaurific next time you have a few seconds to burn!

Welcome to IADW Dexter and Nuno - glad to have you aboard!

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