Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shang-Chi And Secret Avengers #6

You know you're getting on in life when reading the current crop of Avengers comics you're left thinking "This really ain't my cuppa tea".

However, all is not lost for the franchise that's got you using your parents phrases, Secret Avengers has been mixing together great characters, plots and art for five issues now, and as the just released teaser for issue 6 shows - it really is the perfect blend.

What's unintentionally cool about the preview is it runs without any of the wordsmithery of writer Ed Brubaker, but as it teases the induction of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu to the crew, it ends up coming off like some awesome illustrated Kung Fu silent movie! (Click to upsize)

It's no secret what makes the covert ops team 'pop' here though; the page layouts of artist Mike Deodato Jr! The angles of the panels and the way he plays with the page definitely gets the big 'two thumbs up'.

The books artistic roundhouse kick doesn't stop there. A crazy four variants are planned for this ish, and in a rare bout of luck all three revealed so far are fit for framing! Check these out;

Marko Djurdjevic, Chris Bachalo or Amanda Conner - whose to choose?
Secret Avengers #6 hits 27 October 2010 from Marvel Comics.


  1. That drawing of Shang-Chi kicks ass!
    oh my god Dan how about this Marvel -DC match up? Shang-Chi vs. the Bronze Tiger! that would be the most badass show down since Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.

  2. i wanted to get a closer look at that black widow "art" for the Secret Avengers 6 when i noticed the Ant-Man on her neck appears to be a zombie. man! she's too hot to be turned into an Marvel Zombie!

  3. Finally the arc i have been waiting for!!!..this preview reminds me of Brubaker's Iron Fist first arc it got the same kung fu feeling to it..Can not wait to see Prince of Orphans role and of coz more kung fu fighting.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! Me, I'm hoping they squeeze in a Beast and Shang-Chi obligatory Goon fight, just so the two agile action heroes can show the others how it's done!

    @David A Suicide Squad vs Heroes for Hire/Marvel Knights has heaps of potential! Punisher vs Deadshot, Shang-Chi vs Bronze Tiger, Nightshade vs Cloak and Dagger, Kingpin vs The Wall, the list just goes on!

    Not sure it'd get much traction without a headliner, like Deadpool or Batman to get the green light from the top brass, but hey if Frank can meet Archie - anything can happen!

    @ IFF. Yip I've been waiting for this one too! Now Nova's off the team, SA is more human (Asgardian Warrior Women aside) and has more of that noir/ classic 'Mission Impossible' feel. Long story short - awesome times are just ahead.