Saturday, September 11, 2010

SALES PITCH: August's Top 6 Comics

Diamond Comic Distributors have released their sales stats for August, and for DC the good news is Brightest Day holds the top two spots. The bad news; that's all they have in the top six and the unit share sales gap between themselves and leaders Marvel, has increased to 13.44%.

THE TOP 6: 1 Brightest Day #7 2 Brightest Day #8 3 Avengers #4 4 New Avengers #3 5 Secret Avengers #4 6 Amazing Spider-Man #640

THE WINNER ON THE DAY: GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS #1 (#10 Comics - DC Comics) Apart from having Deadman and Hawkgirl on the covers of the top two books, who would've ever thought a title about the Green Lantern Corps most infamous ginga would ever crack the Top 10? 

Once treated as a radioactive part of the DCU, Guy smashes into this month's sales list - even above poster boy Hal Jordan in the core Green Lantern title. Fancy!

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