Friday, October 15, 2010


The blog-o-verse is pretty wonderful thing, especially in that it gives an open forum to the talents of undiscovered people. One such blog I've gotten a trip out of finding is Bed-Stuy Banana, one ladies photographic blog of the buildings, signage and culture of the area of Brooklyn, New York that surrounds her family.

Not only does she have a great eye for the camera and her world, what she digs up on what she clicks is material so rich you can literally loose a good few hours reading it and taking it all in.

One post features a mural done by Bad Inc., a graffiti artist crew, featuring C-Town and Frank Miller's 300. There's a pretty nice parallel between the Spartans in 300, who could've been rich if they surrendered their principles, and talented graffiti artists whose work doesn't see them reap the rewards more mainstream art does, yet the skills involved can be just as impressive.

I mean colours aside, just look at that detail and shading. And all that uncluttered open space around the shackled warrior - it's just really strong, confident design.

For some 'behind the mural' scenes, check out this youtube number of the art in progress - just make sure to visit Bed-Stuy Banana when you're done.


  1. wow how cool is this!? i would have had a hard time just trying to figure out what scenes from 300 i'd want to make a mural off. crickey! too many to choose from mate.

  2. I reckon David - the images are one thing but the video really shows the scale and size of it!

    What scene would I chose for a wall hmmm, the roar in the rain, or his wife looking out across the feilds - like you say to many to choose...

  3. yeah that scene where they are all roaring in the rain as they watch the storm destroy those Persian ships was one i was thinking about too :)
    of course there's always the famous kick into the "pit of death" scene. that's become one of those classic Hollywood movie scenes now.