Saturday, October 09, 2010


*** Zombies are to modern comics what leather jackets and grimaces were to the 90's. Now IDW is weaving the undead through Star Trek, Transformers, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe and more from January - April. The Infestation crossover will be spearheaded by the writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

*** With so many new bat-books hanging in their belfry, DC have issued reminder posters to help fans, well remember. For my money the three you should really pay attention to are:

The two bookends sell themselves, but something tells me it's that middle one we'll all be talking about a few months down the road...

*** After their battle with vampires the X-Men move back to New York and team up with Spidey. Me, I'm just mentioning it so I can point out Terry and Rachel Dodson draw the best modern Spider-Man outside of Chris Bachalo, who incidentally will draw this Serve and Protect arc.

*** How do you put the Astonishing into upcoming mini-series Astonishing Captain America? Have 'cover artist' Adi Granov also do the interiors. Yip, that's a whole book of jaw-dropping art like this;

Look for writer Andy Diggle's words to add the 'rock' to Adi's 'roll' summer (US) 2011.


  1. Wow that's some pretty cool stuff comin up. especially the zombie cross overs that should be especially interesting. until i red the posting i thought that was Adam Hues did that Spidey, Storm and Emma Frost drawing. which is a compliment to any means.

  2. Hey David, yip the Dodson's and Adam Hughes sure do have a similar style. I'm thinking the former is influenced by the latter but could be wrong there.

    The zombie crossovers have some cool moments ahead for sure - Snake Eyes and Baroness vs the undead.. etc

    Transformers vs zombies seems a bit like using a tank for flyspray though, unless you get zombie-transformers. Now that would be cool!

  3. I love the cover with Optimus Prime and Ghost Busters. It's like a best of the 1980s covers. It reminds me of some of the best cartoons in the 1980s! Awesome.

  4. Ya know Scott - I had that same thought too. Transformers in particular from the 80's is to me one of those toons that has yet to be beaten!

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. Starscream did come back from the dead in more than one animated series. I think zombie transformers would be a great idea. Of course I'm biased. Then again, a zombie Michael Bay leaving the franchise alone to wander off to do other zombie-related hobbies is a much better idea.

  6. Yip I second the Michael Bay free zone Craig, definitely have a different POV on the robots in disguise than he!

    Since I posted this zombie transformers has stuck in my mind so much I think I might draw a few out.If any are any good I'll flick them up here.

    Thanks for the support!