Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In 2008 Beyonce said "if you like it you shoulda put a ring on it" and pop culture was never the same. DC, having already done the ring give-away, have now moved on and instead prefer to wrap books they like with a Jim Lee variant as their chosen 'cherry on the top'.

The latest Legion of Super-Heroes title has been soaking in Lee penned variants since it's launch, but did you realize they all slot together?

God bless inter-connecting covers. While these were sold out of order, they all snap together to form a giant run down of the history of the team, and each of it's distinctive eras. Left to right those are; Superboy, 50s era (#2), Chameleon Kid, 60s era (#3), Saturn Girl, 70s era (#1), Timber Wolf, 80s era (#5), Mon-El, 90s era (#4), and released today Brainiac 5, modern era (#6 - out this week!).

As my LCS hasn't sent one my way in the entire 6 months of Legion variants, I'm hoping DC is planning on releasing this as a poster, if not one inserted into the upcoming Legion Leader election issue.


  1. Jim Lee is just magnificent!!..his covers always blow ur mind away

    By the way talking of covers..have you seen the marvel/tron variant covers?
    my fav is Iron Man

  2. He sure does IFF! It must be cool for Jim Lee, I have read heaps of interviews where he's expressed his love for DC's 31st Century, so these covers allow him that chance that his new position almost destroys any hope of - doing the Legion without doing a run on Legion.

    Now if he could only work Cosmic Boy in...

    As for those Tron covers, yip they sure look great! My problem with that sort of thing is you instantly start wanting to see the folks they didnt show. Like Tron Galactus, UlTRON, Dr Strange, and for me particularly Storm. I think an Ororo-Tron would be wicked!

    Thanks for the great comments!