Tuesday, October 19, 2010

COVER SHOTS: DC's January Solicitations

DC opt for the iconic start to 2011, with the core DCU range showcasing each titles iconic star(s) and insignia flying, leaping and/or punching on the cover. These four images below, a handful of the best covers being pumped your way from DC's entire January solicitations.

COVER OF THE MONTH: Northlanders #36 - Massimo Carnevale In a painted style that kind of reminds you of those old Coca Cola Santa posters, but with a savage twist, Massimo perfectly creates an image that stops the kid inside you cold.

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Mike Norton - Young Justice #0, Jock - Detective Comics #873, and Joao Ruas - Fables #101. Need more? DC's January solicits after the jump.


  1. I've got to show the Young Justice cover to my youngest daughter. She was born a few years after Teen Titans officially went of the air but it's become one of her favorite shows (despite the fact she's only seen a handful of episodes). She loves the boy wonder.

  2. Teen Titans has the catchiest superhero theme since Spider-man.

    Nice cover, I always enjoy a combo of Christmas and horror.

  3. Thanks for the great comments guys!

    @Craig - that's hardcase - growing up I was the guy that liked Robin more than Batman. Of course the generations are a little different, but I was mad on the characterright up through into the New Teen Titans. The fact Dick's not going back to Nightwing when Bruce returns is a little gutting for me...

    Have you shown your daughter Tiny Titans - that's Robin focussed and pretty durn funny too!

    @Arron - I think the catchiest theme to cartoons is the Fox X-Men opening. I hear three seconds of that and I'm humming it all day! As for Christmas and Horror, it's almost time to dust off Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas again!

  4. I haven't. I'm sure she'd enjoy it but I admit I cringe every time she refers to "her boyfriend"