Wednesday, October 27, 2010

COVER SHOTS: Image Comics January Solicitations

With it's TV series a mere few days away, Image Comics' Walking Dead is the biggest party in comics. If you missed the your original invitation, in January the hit series gets reprinted from issue #1 up - weekly! Add to that these four covers from their January solicitations and you have one sweet looking line-up.

IMAGE COVER OF THE MONTH: ARTIFACTS #2 (Armageddon Expo Variant) - Georges Jeanty and John Tyler Christopher Back the truck up - the Australian and the New Zealand flag on a comic cover! Can you tell which is which without using Google? The Koala fits in pretty well with the Darkness critters too - fancy that.

ARTIST AND TITLE (Left to right): JUAN JOSÉ RYP and FRAN GAMBOA - Nancy In Hell TP, CORY WALKER - Superpatriot: America's Fighting Force TP, and CHRISTIAN WARD -The Infinite Vacation #1.

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  1. Spot the kiwi in that cover shot too?


  2. Yeah - he shrunk a little in the wash Jonny, but it's still cool a kiwi's in the mix I reckon :D

    For anyone out there who has never seen a Kiwi in a zoo or on the tube, the native birds are roughly as tall and wide as your average household cat, and not as small as the term bird would let you believe...