Thursday, October 14, 2010

GUESS WHO: Tom Hardy Signs For BATMAN 3

You know an actor is talented when you don't know the role he's been signed for, but instantly think the fact he's signed on for Christopher Nolan's as-yet unnamed Batman 3 is brilliant casting. 

Case in point; Tom Hardy, he's the dude that let his dark-side out as Picard's clone in Star Trek: Nemesis, and his brilliance in fellow Nolan money-spinner Inception. While the currently "on hiatus" Mad Max was set to be the next Sci-fi romp for Hardy's career path, Nolan, not one to let good talent lie, has jumped in and offered him a quick detour via Gotham City.

Under Nolan, Batman has attracted some of the most talented actors around and set new standards for 'comic book adaptations'. Tom's inclusion, whether he be Riddler, Hush, The Ventriloquist or whoever, ensures that standard is still in play. This film is already epic.

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  1. this guy was actually a fairly good villain in Nemesis. and although the basic plot concept was good, the movie didn't quite deliver for too many reasons to get into in the comments section for this blog. is hardy supposed to be a villain? he's not replacing Bale is he? Nolan's Batman films have been virtually perfect so far i don't want to see em get screwed up.