Saturday, October 16, 2010

Over 7,000 Visitors In Two Days!

Here on my little patch of interweb, I can often seem like a broken record in the amount of coverage I give Captain America, so as we race into the weekend it's only fitting to find a post about an issue of and in Cap's own title, broke records all over IADW this week in return.

On Monday and Tuesday alone over 7,000 people undeterred by the massive title, tuned in to check out MOMENTS IN COOL: Magneto vs. The Red Skull Over His Role In WWII - the latest instalment in my Moments In Cool series.

Despite the fact my copy of Captain America #367 has been read more times than the household TV Guide, I always felt for a pretty major and logical showdown Mags vs Herr Skull had been fairly swept under the carpet to a large extent. On greentangent commented that "I've been a reader for over 30 years and didn't know this existed, must find copy", so I'm glad I could point a few more eyes in this great moments direction.

Here are a few more panels from the conflict, as thanks to everyone for stopping in this week and being a part of the record-braking in action - I really appreciate your support!


  1. Yes and of those 7000 plus hits in a 48 hour period I'm the only one who left a comment so doesn't that earn me an award or at least a door prize? Maybe Dan, it's time to have a "Follower of the Month" kinda like how they have employee of the month at these fast food chains.

  2. Congrats Dan..You surely Deserve it..keep up with the good work

  3. Thanks IFF - It's crazy. The previous record for visitors in one day was a couple of hundred back when Wonder Woman swapped her jacket round (Crazy but true!).

    While things have returned to those comfortable levels since Tuesday, it was the last thing I expected to see logging into Google this morning, crazy but cool at the same time.

    Thanks for the great words guys!

  4. Hey Dan, love your work! Persistance pays off.

  5. Thanks Jonny - Appreciate the support!