Friday, October 01, 2010


Another Friday, another splash page! This week while IADW has kept ticking over, I've been moving house. While shifting is a time-consuming monster, aside from the birth of your kids or chucking the ring on the finger of your beloved, I don't think anything in life symbolises a new start, better then new digs. Well that and this...

A whole page of John Byrne drawn Superman, standing strong and re-dedicating himself to his adoptive homeworld = Dan moving house.

'Nuff said!


  1. Some years back a special issue of TIME magazine came out celebrating Superman's 50th Anniversary. That John Byrne panel in this posting was used among other Superman comic book clip art.

  2. That would be a pretty cool edition to have David!

  3. This is a cool feature because so often splash pages are as good or even better than covers - I was thinking that reading Fantastic Four from the sixties, that a lot of the covers were okay and then the splash would be incredible!

  4. You just hit the nail on the head as to why I set this gig up Aaron! I was in the same boat as you, thinking why should the covers get all the press when the true moments of wow are inside.

    Personally I think you can get kind of tired of generic shots of a books hero or heroes on the cover. Something taken from the interior, with some relevance is a bit more of a catch IMO.