Friday, October 08, 2010

NOW THAT'S A SPLASH PAGE: That's Not Uncle Sam

All the splash pages I've posted since I started this little Friday feature have been pretty retro based, so it's time to step things up with a good whack of 'now'. For me Bryan Hitch is the definitive modern comic book artist, having nailed runs across era defining books such as JLA, The Ultimates and of course The Authority.

The missing project in that list, Captain America: Reborn spills out this 'October's Evil' little beauty, which capped off Steve’s time-displaced jaunt through an alternate Nazi controlled reality in issue five. 

Not only was it a stunning splash in it's own right, the red Monopoly board-like line effect was a flow on from the amazing page design of the proceeding pages. What proceeding pages? Glad you asked, check them out after the click through...

Now that’s class!

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