Thursday, October 07, 2010

Black Is Back

Yikes! Brightest Day #11 flipped the focus from the heroes to the villains - big time. From an instant desktop of Firestorm and the fate of Professor Stein, to some decent Aquaman vs Black Manta action, this book's definitely hitting high-gear.

In fact the double-page spread it closes with is so sweet I was wishing this fortnightly post wasn't a spoiler-free zone so I could shove it up. Then I realised 'Hey, it's right there on the cover!' - so here it is...
Now if that doesn't say 'October's Evil' I'm not sure what does. Just be sure to grab your copy of Brightest Day #11, out now.


  1. I have to admit this whole "Brightest Day" DC thing is largely lost on me. can somebody out there indulge me and briefly summerize the premise for me? I assuming there's a connection to "Blackest Night" some how?

  2. I had not seen the next issue of Brightest Day yet. Thanks for posting the comic book cover. It looks great. I am a fan of Hawkman so I'm excited to see the issue.

  3. Thanks for the great comments guys!

    @David Brightest Day in a bottle? The good versions of all the heroes shown in this spread are back from the dead each with a task to finish if they want to stay in the land of the living. All the tasks help with the sourcing of a new champion of life... at least that's how I would wrap things up. Anyone else got a summary to add?

    @Scott Hawkman is one of my four top DCU dudes, so I'm excited for where Brightest Day is taking him too.

  4. thanks for that Dan. i'm at my lady freind's place right now using her computer while we have some down for the moment.