Sunday, October 03, 2010

PASSPORT STAMP: Aaron, João and Justin

Well folks, clicking 'follow' here on IADW seems to be getting contagious! Three new souls fell victim to the symptom's this week; AaronJoão and Justin - let's meet them...

Aaron masters running two great blogs of his own, the comic based Continued on 2nd Page Following, and the obscure movie focused Forbidden Island of Haunted Cinema. Drop a dime of time the way of each next time you have some to spare!

João Amaral is an illustrator from Portugal, whose thoughts on art and his own fantastic work are spread across three sites; Quadradinhos INk, The Way of The Exploding Pencil, and his self-titled portfolio blog João Amaral. Obrigado João!

Justin also has a mean artistic streak. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, his blog Poetry and Lryics: Justin Stouffs, shows off his talents in another creative arena, for all who drop in to enjoy.

Welcome to IADW Aaron, João and Justin - glad to have you aboard!


  1. Thanks so much, really appreciate the plug for both blogs - really enjoying yours as well!

  2. First of all, many thanks for your presentation of my blog. I confess I didn't expect it. And thanks for your words. I just make a little correction. Quadradinhos Ink has invited me to participate in their blog, but I didn't make anything for them yet. And some of my work can be seen also in And, at last, continue your good work on your blog. For the future, I'm one of your visitors.

  3. Thanks for that guys!

    João thanks for the heads up on the status with Quadradinhos Ink!

    Hope you guys like what's ahead on IADW!