Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last night in my city over 5,000 folks dressed in pink and pounded the pavement, blocking roads for 4.5km, all in the name of raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and education. 

The biggest event of it's kind in New Zealand, it is awesome to see so many people out getting fit and having fun in the name of a good cause. Myself and five mates got stuck in, and already plan to do likewise next year to help an even bigger sum be raised.

A bit of a serious tone I know for a 'comic blog' but cancer in any form is a wicked beast, so if there is anything you can do to help out in your area be sure to join in, so we can speed up getting it licked and getting decent support to those battling the real big fight, right now.


  1. o boy do i love me some boobs. but if you've ever been close to someone who's had breast cancer or a scare with it you know how serious it is beyond the breasts themselves. this probably is a good time to mention the Jim Starlin Death of Captain Marvel book. it was the first time i read a comic book story as a kid that had a more real world context i wasn't used to at the time. especially how it portrayed the other Marvel Universe heroes characters trying to cope with the loss of one of their own by something that is thought of as only happening to "mere mortal" people. glad things went well with that fund raising event in NZ today Dan.

  2. Thanks for the great comments David!

  3. your welcome Dan, but don't thank just me. God gave me a purpose in life, and that is to leave great comments on IADW.