Friday, October 08, 2010

SALES PITCH: September's Top 6 Comics

Diamond Comic Distributors have released their sales stats for September, and while DC  reclaimed the majority of the top six, the best there is at what he does lived up to his name, with Wolverine topping both the comic and trade paperback ranking lists. When it comes to unit share, Marvel increased their overall lead to 14.35%.

THE TOP 6: 1 Wolverine #1 2 Brightest Day #9 3 Brightest Day #10 4 Green Lantern #57 5 Batman and Robin #14 6 Avengers #5

THE WINNER ON THE DAY: WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN (#1 Trade Paperback - Marvel) 'Post Apocalyptic' and 'Wolverine' go together better than peanut butter and jam, but writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven‘s tale doesn’t trample the opposition so much in the way it portrays Logan, but rather how it involves the other non-X based heroes of the Marvel U.

From Hawkeye becoming Wolvies tour guide to the eviliest Hulk un-hung, if you don’t pick this collected edition up now, you definitely need to add it to your Christmas list.


  1. i picked up a couple of copies of that Wolverine book that's got those swords going through him. they were freebies at this comic shop in Berkeley. haven't read it yet though. Dan, check out my blog at your earliest oppurtinity. i put the "new Wizard" cover on it.

  2. i finally got around to reading that Wolverine book i mentioned in the first comment. it reads like some type or origin anthology in which apparently The Punisher is killed!?

  3. The Punisher died?! hasn't he only just come back to life after been killed by 'Dark Wolverine' Daken?

    Boy Frank just can't catch a break - still Punisher MAX is an awesome read so as long as that's on the stands all is right with the world :D

    Thanks for the lowdown!

  4. exactly Dan that's what the book said. this Daken fellow decapitated the Punisher. this is really something that happened in the mainstream Marvel Universe? no alternate reality or anything?

  5. Yeah it really happened David the Dark Reign Punisher one shot. Long Story short he got cobbled back together into Frankencastle (no kidding that was the name) but is now back to his usual human looking self and kicking butt across a range of Marvel titles including Shadowland.

    So yeah, have no fear Frank is still alive and well. It was just a temporary thing - isn't death in comics always?