Wednesday, October 06, 2010

UNCANNY X-FORCE DAY: The Apocalypse Yarn To Read Before He Ya' Know, Dies

Today over in this little corner of the globe it's already Wednesday, October 6th - Marvel's Uncanny X-Force Day! Which means starting this week, Wolverine, Archangel, Deadpool, Fantomex, and the hotness that is Psylocke start pounding the pavement in their quest to take out the immortal threat of Apocalypse once and for all!

With a whole lot of sweet kit available at Uncanny X-force Day retailers, including this variant cover by J. Scott Campbell, I thought it was a great time to plug 'The best Apocalypse tale that just might've slipt past your notice': The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix.

The sequel to the also awesome Apocalypse hungry mini-series The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, The Further Adventures takes the opposite path to it's futuristic predecessor and flips back to the past to show the part ol' En Sabah Nuh played in turning the evolutionary scientist Nathaniel Essex into Mister Sinister.

Peter Milligan's plot is quite dense, which is a rare find considering this mini sprung out of the mid 90's, but if you don't mind a bit of light tramping it really does give the old grey matter some pretty decent food for thought.

On the visual side, the chief artistic find of the late Milestone Comics, John Paul Leon does a brilliant job of creating an eerie Victorian England - and wait 'till you see the period style armour he's designed for Apocalypse!

So this Uncanny X-Force Day, as you trip down to your LCS to take part in all the fun, keep an eye out for The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, so you can enjoy one of the X-Men's greatest foes first appearances, as you brace yourself for what may be his last!


  1. The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix came about at the time I was really into comics. A fairly good title that sprung from one of the best (in my opinion) story arcs of X-history, the Age of Apocalypse. I don't remember this storyline though.

    Thanks for the tip on X-Force day. I visited and downloaded the fantastic variant cover art. Psyloche was one of my favorites. Purple hair, the whole ninja thing, and those.....eyes. And my wife was a huge Archangel fan so it worked out great for us.

  2. Hey Craig - your wife has good taste - Warren is my favourite X-Man too (well him and Nightcrawler).

    Age of Apocalypse is where I jumped off the X-Train for the most part, though I did hop back for the run's of Morrison, Whedon, and Bachalo. No particular reason, I just thought was a good space to free up room in the wallet and leave on a high.

    I thought Factor X was amazing, and really did something interesting with the Summers brothers and The Beast. Plus it was a Steve Epting jobbie and we all know I'm a huge fan of his!

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Now that's funny. Her other favorite X-man is Nightcrawler. I had to suffer through X-Caliber for a few years because of it. We signed off soon after Age of Apocalypse too, but we had to free up space in our wallets due to the birth of the youngest Derosby Brother (who's a not-so-young 14 now).

  4. See Craig, I told you she had great taste!

    Age of Apocalypse was 14 years ago? Jeez it feels like only a few years ago! Maybe that's because the X-books treaded water for so long.

    not-so-young Dan :D

  5. We recently found our old boxes of comics. Boy was eyeing them and specifically asked about where the Apocalypse books were. I've talked about the storyline before and he's really intent on getting his hands on it. I'd be happy if I could remember which box I put it in.