Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AVENGING UNDER COVER - Why Secret Avengers Leads The Pack

Some how I get the feeling that after explaining to the gran-kiddies about paper comics, we'll be able to bam-boozle them with narratives of how back in the day we got by on just one Avengers team title, and for a pretty long time it lived outside the monthly top 20.

Nowadays we're soaking in 'em. And best of all they read mostly independently, which means your wallet needn't have a coronary trying to fit each and every one. But which one is for you? Luckily Newsarama are currently running a 'Which Avengers team book is best?' poll, so your peers can point you in the way of the one with the best 'bang' for buck. For me the answer is clear;

Secret Avengers knocks it's siblings for a loop, by purposefully being the team that isn't the big shiny 'Avengers' stereotype, but ends up feeling more 'Avengery' then the ones that are (Hey it's my blog I can coin words if I wanna).

With Ed Brubaker's plots and Mike Deodato's atmospheric artwork, this is a team you can actually understand Steve Rogers running on the side of the "Big Guns" to do those jobs "Big Guns" can't do. Not that the Secret Avengers don't have those too.

War Machine, Moon Knight, Valkyrie and Beast - the line-up is one you get jazzed in the interaction of just reading it aloud. Steve's challenges to the new Ant Man to step up, or the recent inclusion of Shang-Chi and Prince of Orphans, means this may not be the team soaking up the media spotlight in the Marvel Universe, but they (and their creative team) damn deserve every bit they get in our one.


  1. Awesome cover. No Beast though? So is Beast no longer on any of the X-teams?

  2. Beast is the best ain't he Craig? Well not the best but he isn't far from a medal!

    I don't think he is - I may be wrong on this, but I think he left the X-Men around the end of the SWORD series.

    Maybe now he's back with Valk, and Hulk, Namor, the Silver Surfer and Dr Strange all doing pretty well at the moment, a Defenders relaunch might be close at hand?

  3. I initially picked Secret Avengers mainly because of Brubaker, though the first arc did not deliver much as i wanted i guess i can say is just an early stage and it will develop more and knowing brubaker he feeds you a slow burn making you wanting more. I am loving the second arc it feels like he is continuing what he wanted to do for Immortal Iron Fist series with a dose of Kung Fu, bringing Prince of Orphans makes it one hell of a book to read. Plus Nick Fury and of course Steve Rogers and Black widow all together in one book..This is a must read

  4. you know, you two aren't making this whole falling off the wagon thing easy.

    Beast is my favorite X-Man (and former Avenger) so I'm glad to see he's going to get to stretch his legs for awhile. I'll definitely be picking this one up, if anything for that cover.

  5. Thanks for sharing the cover - I've always liked Moon Knight, what a great costume.

  6. Falling off the wagon is highly over-rated anyway Craig!
    Jumping on now though is great timing, like Iron Fist Fan says this latest arc has really given the book it's feet.

    As for the cover - it actually belongs to the already out Vengeance of the Moon Knight #10 (sorry should have said), by the ultra-wicked, yet darker than your average bear stylings of Francesco Mattina.