Friday, November 19, 2010

COWBOYS AND ALIENS TRAILER: And Remembering The Galaxy Rangers

One of the thrills of the Green Lantern trailer released earlier this week was seeing Mark Strong nail Sinestro in just a few seconds. You can already see Sinestro kicking  Hal Jordan's butt, if only the first trailer for Cowboys and Aliens (also released this week) hadn't beaten him to the punch.

Featuring Daniel (I can rebirth the entire James Bond franchise in one film) Craig, and Harrison (I liked Hollywood much better when I had all the great action roles to myself) Ford, this little comics adaptation on the side might just be the one to rule the 2011 box office. Just take a quick lookie...

Wicked huh? Thanks to Iron Fist Fan for the heads up on that one. As I was watching it, drooling over the awesome set-up, I remembered the childhood addiction I used to have with a cartoon series that also combined both cowboys and aliens. Remember The Galaxy Rangers?

One of the first anime-style shows I can remember, the show focused around BETA (Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs) who were set up to defend and police the human colonies stretching out across the cosmos - their key wepon; The Rangers.

My favourite ranger was easily the heavily Clint Eastwood inspired Shane Gooseman. I didn't know much about Clint at the time, but he was how I pictured Marvel's Hawkeye would be in space, and that's who you'd want at your side, going up against the Queen of the Crown Empire and her Slaverlords! Plus they had robot horses!

Ahh the 80's - back when 'toons were 'toons and comics created addictions for life... Your thoughts?


  1. This post is about one thing: ass!

  2. i remember this cartoon but even as a kid at the time this seemed kinda silly. although the animation was great i'll admit.

  3. now as to Cowboys & Aliens that's another matter. this looks intense, and i'm really curious what Daniel Craig (who was an awesome 007) will be like in a Western. this posting outa make the Iron Fist hombre pretty content i'll reckon.

  4. Okay. Well. Now I need a babysitter. My two favorite things. Cowboys. And alien abductions.

  5. Thanks for all the comments folks!

    This is one of the better trailers I've seen in a bit so I'm thinkin' many babysitter's are going to be hired on it's release RH!