Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HADOUKEN! The Visual Uppercut Of Street Fighter IV

Right now at work I'm drowning in C.V's. A position has come up in my team and just two days into advertising over 70 people have applied - portfolios at the ready. One of the strongest portfolios I've ever seen when it comes to video game art springs to mind as I flip through their pages, and that's the character sketches from Street Fighter IV.

While Capcom recently streamlined this look for Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds, eliminating the loose calligraphic strokes and ink splatters, to me that's what makes this stuff rock.

Photo-realistic stuff has it's place, but in my book nothing beats that more hands on look. These brush-style character sheets proved just that, creating an atmosphere and bold dynamic visuals that punched above their weight, despite the absence of backgrounds.

If this 4-punch combo, overseen by Art Director and character designer Daigo Ikeno, has you addicted for more, scope out the rest in the set right after the jump.


  1. Whoa!!! This is the best Dhalsim i have seen in a while..just magnificent

  2. IFF you know how I feel about my Street Fighter from your post a few weeks ago. Dan this is absolutely amazing stuff. You even got Blanka up there for me.

  3. Yeah - there's nothing like the original SF crew is there?

    Craig I bet you were one of those guys that did the crouch and electrocute move all the time so you couldn't hit them? :D

    I only ever played as Dhalsim - Yoga Flame was a killer move. And you are right IFF - this is the best I've seen Dhalsim in a long time too!

  4. No, I learned from that mistake when Champion Edition came out and you could be head-kicked out of it. I learned to brawl with Blanka in the original SFII where Ryu and Ken were so out of balance with the rest of the characters. Of course my friend always took Ken and would soundly hand me my green ass match after match.

  5. Ya know I've never played with Ken and Ryu....

    It's Chun Li that used to tick me off. When you tried her out she was slow and awkward, but when the machine had control of her she was tougher and quicker then Bison!

    I mean what's with that?!

  6. and when the computer played, the two characters that cheated the most were Guile and Ken, the two American characters..... Don't hold back Capcom, tell us how you really feel.