Thursday, November 25, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING - And Batman Cooks The Holiday Turkey! (Video)

Happy Thanksgiving all! While it's true that in this wee corner of the globe we have no kick-butt Spider-Man balloon trotting down a Macy's parade or actually celebrate Thanksgiving, a shot to vocally give thanks for things we don't always voice appreciation for should never go amiss.

Here, 29 miners who were trapped by a major explosion, deep underground, are now presumed dead after a second blast rocked the same mine yesterday afternoon.

The whole nation as a result is today respectfully appreciative of life and the moments big and small which we will it with, with none so important as the now.

Second to this, I also want to throw in my thanks to you and everyone who stops in at It's A Dan's World. My name may be in the title and my two typing fingers might dash out all the posts, but it truly is your world too and it wouldn't be a frillionth of the fun without you.

As thanks I thought I'd post this vid of Batman, a guy who's used to telling criminals their goose is cooked, instead teaching you how to make a decent job of the Thanksgiving Turkey. Your dinner guests are going to be mighty impressed when they hear you cooked your bird 'the Batman way' (take that George Foreman Grill)!

Me, I think I'm never going to measure an egg the same way again...

That was a Turkey and not a Penguin wasn't it...?


  1. That is completely how I tenderize my turkey! :) I am very thankful for all of you guys here and for you guys especially who write the blogs we read and provide us with the fodder to comment upon. Thanks for giving us an outlet for our nerdiness.

  2. Well put as always Dan. It's the little things like this that keep all of us coming back here day after day. Wasn't kidding about the dessert though. I will set aside a serving for you. Then eat it.

    And Random, happy Turkey day.

  3. Nice find with the video. That wasn't you in that suit by any chance was it?....

  4. Happy Turkey day CDerosby! I'd save everybody pie, but I think my kids would kill me.

  5. ruin everything.

    I am kidding by the way. My kids laugh when I say that.

  6. I generally tenderise that way after the 'cooking' part RN, when I take it out of the oven and it looks a little darker than it should :D

    Hope my dessert was tasty Craig and didn't leave me feeling to full! As for kids ruining everything wasn't that the theme of Scooby Doo? Every episode ended with "I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you blasted kids" Maybe that was a subliminal message...?

    And Jonny, sadly no that's not me in the Bat suit, being the red head that I am if I dress up as any member of the batverse, it's always the Riddler. The Riddler's Thanksgiving, now that could be fun.

    Thanks for the comments!

  7. Ah. The Riddler. The Turducken of the Batman rogues gallery.

    Was that funny only to me or did anybody else get it?

  8. I got it. You got a slow-clap from me Random.