Saturday, November 27, 2010

"HASN'T ROBIN CHANGED" The Official Green Lantern Movie Poster

My little Apple Mac gets put through some serious punishment, and yet despite the amount of work I'm doing or the insanely out of control art gallery I've created on it's hard drive, it still remembers to change wallpapers for me every 15 minutes.

Today one spot went to the official poster for 2011's Green Lantern movie (above - click to enlarge), when a friend not so into comics looked at it and said "Wow - that's cool, but hasn't Robin changed".

Ha! As if Ryan Reynolds didn't have enough people on his back about whether he can pull off the role of Hal Jordan, he now has someone thinking he looks more like comics most famous teenager. (Sigh) If only we all could be mistaken for someone half our age...

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