Sunday, November 21, 2010

MAKING A MARK: Admira Wijaya

Every Sunday, Making A Mark features one of the insanely talented artistic folk currently living up large, giving them a little brag spot here on IADW. This week it's Indonesian Top Cow artist, Admira Wijaya!

Despite it's size and popularity at the time, Top Cow has always been a comic publisher with a fine stable of artists. Following in the massive footsteps of the likes of the late Michael Turner, Jakarta based Admira has established an online portfolio that shows his 'dairy-free' work is every bit as powerful as his work on The Darkness and co.

I love Reverse Flash and Captain Cold, but when he's written right I still think of Gorilla Grodd as The Flash's opposite number. Plus as shown here he's just an awesome visual!

What comic art portfolio is complete without a shot of Batman standing on a miscellaneous gargoyle?

Admira's colouring test for working at Marvel, over linework by Doug Braithwaite (left) - no doubt inspired by John Buscema's cover to Silver Surfer #4 (right).

To scope out more of Admira Wijaya's great caftmanship for yourself, visit him online either here, or right here on Blogger!


  1. that Dark Knight pic is absolutely gorgeous. I know the gargoyle/rooftop thing has been done, but when it's done right you can't beat it.

  2. I think that's because Batman IS the Gargoyle for the modern age. He is the protector, meant to scare the demons away. Beautiful. Great art never gets tiring, or old. And the mark of it is that it can be stared at incessantly.

  3. ...and will be. It's not the first picture on Dan's site I've used the ol' "right click and save" method. He digs up the most amazing images.

  4. Thanks guys - glad you like the latest Making A Mark find! Some weeks there's a bit of panic in 'will I find someone in time' so it's always a relief when the one you pick goes down well.

    Coming up soon I'm going to start posting my own art up again (gasp) so better start practicing your pretend amazement now :D

  5. you and me both, but with far less drive than you, odds are I won't get mine posted for months the way I'm going.

  6. i like the whole King Kong symbolism in the Flash clip art panel. glad to hear your gonna start posting your own stuff soon Dan. it's about bleedn time mate :)

  7. and yes although not the most original concept that Batman n=one is nicely done. i like how the artist saved them self a lot of work by using such heavy shadows but it came out great.

  8. We should do division of labour Craig! I chose the character - you draw it up! Sound like an even split?

    I liked the Kong aspect too David - but hey - when aren't giant gorillas cool?

    Thanks for the postings all!

  9. Hey Random, there's a VanSlammy on my site with the same profile pic as you. That is you, right?

    ...and don't be a wiseass. That's my job. :P

  10. Hallo Dan,thank you for featuring me on your Blog,it was my Great Great Honor,my friend

  11. Wow Admira - thanks for stopping buy!

    How could I not feature your work - you do awesome stuff!

    Welcome to IADW!