Sunday, November 14, 2010

MAKING A MARK: Jay Tablante

Every Sunday, Making A Mark features one of the insanely talented artistic folk currently living up large, giving them a little brag spot here on IADW. This week it's Philippine cosplay photographer, Jay Tablante!

Every comic con' and most theme party's these days, comes set with one or two people dressed as Batman, Catwoman, the Joker, and a handful or three of selected other chosen super-folk.

Some look so like the character whose wardrobe they are imitating, they make you instantly want to reach for your camera. When the person behind that camera is Jay Tablante and his trusty Photoshop, well that's when you get these;

Rule of comics #46485: Black Canary's costume should never change.

Better than the movie Gambit? I think so! And here's to 'Emma Frost' - the teachers dress code standard guide since 1980.

With each work more realistic than the next this is one stunning portfolio!

For more super-heroes and video game characters brought to life, visit Jay's deviantART page after the jump.


  1. You're right, his Gambit is head and shoulders above the one in the Wolverine movie. As for Ms. Frost, I love the belt cocked to one side like it's sliding off. Very '90's X-men looking.

  2. Thanks Craig - Jay has also done one of Ms Frosts opposite number from the Hellfire Club as well that is really cool. It was a hard gallery to just pick three examples from!

  3. Emma was a good pick Dan. Damn.

  4. Wow.

  5. Black Canary is just heavenly. And youre right...her costume should NEVER change. A classic dosent fade with age, it endures [speaking as a classic myself, *cough*].

  6. Hey Karl! It's a kids jacket, fishnets and boots - how can that look ever not be successful. Add in a hogg to ride and it's a complete set.

    As for being a classic I would say I am too, but my memory is too old to remember how!