Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's always cool when comics get a bit of mainstream press, and even more so when that press is gifted to the talented creators behind them.

Just over a week ago, the below interview and story on illustrator Marko Djurdjevic ran on Prime TV. While it was obviously created a few years back, by it's original network, it is still an amazing insight on Marko's thoughts on the industry, how he got 'discovered' and how he creates his stunning artwork.

The interview takes place as he draws and colours his trademark cover to Daredevil #500 (above), and with all done and said in under three minutes thirty seconds, it's just the right size for some light weekend viewing - just make with the clicky.


  1. Nice video..Didnt even know he was self taught?? wow very impressed.

  2. Thanks Aaron! Promised you I'd post it up if I could just track it down. Good ol' YouTube...

    Yeah that was the bit that struck me to - self-taught - that's definitely allot of commitment right there.

  3. Awesome. a great find as always Dan. very informative too! although if he were not to have said anything i would have guessed him to be from San Francisco. i'm glad he isn't.

  4. Thanks David - glad you liked the vid. The pencils were amazing weren't they?