Monday, November 22, 2010

MOMENTS IN COOL: Fantastic Four #584: Galactus Seeks Answers

Slave - free spirit - slave - free spirit. The life and career of the Silver Surfer has ping-ponged backwards and forwards more times than his on-again, off-again master Galactus has had hot dinners. Still the latest incarnation of the 'Sentinel of the Spaceways' has shone a new light on the pair and it's one that means business.

In the pages of Jonathon Hickman's Fantastic Four run Reed Richards has been obsessed with the problem of 'How do you solve everything?' The challenge has taken the quartet from Atlantis to space, to the lost city of the High Evolutionary, where nearby underground Reed himself buried the future body of Galactus.

Now normally a straight thinking Reed would've jumped on the super-hero phone, tweeted or poked the Silver Surfer on Facebook to let him know about such action, but with his mind preoccupied, the Surfer has made the discovery on his own. Tracing the Fantastic Four's radioactive signature from the scene to the Baxter Building, Norrin Radd comes for an explanation...

"And he would have them now". Damn. I bet that line's enough to make even a veteran like Mr. Fantastic soil his Calvins.

Part of the current Three storyline in Fantastic Four, artist Steve Epting nails both the Surfer and Galactus like they have rarely been seen in some time. It's only fitting too. With one of the four set to die before the end of Three, it makes sense that both the teams biggest rivals gather for the occasion.

Check this moment out for yourself in Fantastic Four #584, or pick up this week's FF #583 to see how both Reed and Galactus respond (Exclusive CBR preview here).


  1. For such a big guy, Galactus has a way of sneaking up on people!

  2. wow, that panel of the big G hovering over the Baxter building is intimidatingly awesome!

  3. Glad you like Steve's work David. As for the stealth of it all Aaron - maybe uppercase 'G' was just really good at peek-a-boo as a toddler?

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  4. Every once in a while I start thinking that Galactus shouldn't be that scary, because of the purple head-dress. But this shot proves how wrong that sentiment is. But what I really love is that one panel where the Silver Surfer just looks at Reed, and has his the Marvel Universe's premier egg-head stammering. That is brilliant.

  5. The Surfer does indeed look fab, very nice colouring helps. As for God-Complex Reed, I hope Galactus swats him, the arrogant bugger!

  6. Random - if you think Galactus's purple head-dress makes him the butt of a few jokes you should look up the guy whose part of the new Legion Academy. You'll know him as soon as you see him trust me.

    I love this scene because it really plays up how intimidating the surfer can be. It really yips ya undies when he's written as some whiny whinger.

    Maybe Reed's the one who dies in Three Mart? Who do you think it will be?

  7. Reed's such an obvious choice, though, with what they did to him over in the Ultimate universe. But I suppose that shouldn't have any bearing over here, should it? Just please don't kill off Ben. Go for Johnny. I wouldn't mind losing Johnny.

  8. Yeah I think it's going to be the Torch too. I wonder if Marvel will re-re-release Elton John's Candle In The Wind for the occasion? Signs say unlikely...

  9. Oh Dan, that was inspired. Really beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye.