Thursday, November 25, 2010

REWIND REVIEWS: Cap on Trial, Wayne's Return and Incognito Uncovered

If there's a few spare dinero rolling around in your wallet and you're thinking of adding an extra purchase or two, here's three quick-fire reviews to help steer that spare change in the right direction.

Ed Brubaker's writing *****
Daniel Acuna's art *****

Even when this book slips down a gear, it is still leagues above most. Now that the Marvel Universian's are realising Bucky-Cap and the Soviet assassin 'Winter Soldier' are one and the same, this book is once again bordering on atmospheric heights.

While Daniel Acuna is not normally an artist I'd stick on Cap, his more still frame style has never suited a tale or writer better than it does here. Sin, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nazi's and the imminent return of Master Man, this latest storyline is going to be epic. ****

Grant Morrisson's writing *****
Lee Garbett and Pere Perez' art *****

I really wanted to love this series. The idea of 'Bat-Pirate' and 'Bat-Cowboy' had me counting down the bat-hours, but with this finale I just feel like I've missed a whole lot of half issues that were written inbetween and just not shipped south of the Equator.

Was Time Masters more of a crucial tie-in then what I casually disregarded? Joe The Barbarian proves my fan love of all things Morrison still goes on, but something went wrong somewhere for me here and I'm not sure even Bruce Wayne could figure out what. *****

Ed Brubaker's writing *****
Sean Phillips' art *****

Criminal is one of the best books 'comics' has produced and this issue by the same partners in crime, kicks off Incognito's second mini, which looks at bringing it closer to that standard.

Former super criminal Zack Overkill is sent back into the underworld from wence he came to neutralise a former super-cop. Add in heaps of extras not available in trade form, plus crazy appearances from folks you wish Brubaker and Phillips had more time to explore, like Zoe Zepplin and G.I. Gorilla, means only two words can apply to this book; 'Get it'. *****

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