Saturday, November 27, 2010

TRON LEGACY Fan Trailer Gets The Thumbs Up From The House Of Mouse

Disney's Tron: Legacy is going to be epic. A high-res file to end the year on in movie theatres worldwide come December 16th, a recent remix of the film's trailers by a dedicated fan has earned so much praise, Disney actually posted a link on their own Tron Legacy Facebook page! Imagine that!

A nice parallel, considering the film focuses on an unwitting yet naturally talented hero, drawn into a playing feild much bigger than he ever realised existed, YouTube user Khameleon808 says "I am just blown away at the attention its got. I could not thank the people at Disney enough for putting it on their FB page."

It's titled Rerezzed - and by the powers of the world-wide-web mega corporation that is YouTube, it's right here for you now.

Man that score by Glitch Mob is awesome. Still Khameleon808's dream of doing this kinda stuff professionally now seams only one click away.


  1. Very impressive trailer..makes me want to sit at the theater already and enjoy this epic movie

  2. Makes me wish I'd seen the original in the theater. It was the first movie we watched at home on my dad's brand spankin' new VCR (1982 vintage if I remember correctly).

  3. well i did see this in the theaters. plus i remember having had the original light cycle (yellow) plus i had the Sark figure and one of his guardsmen. TRON is iconic 80's to the bone!that would help bring 2010 to a close on a high note if this movie didn't suck.

  4. me too! I had the red cycle and one of the guardsmen. Too bad we don't all live in the same area. Would be a hell of a movie to go to as a group.

  5. Hey guys! Glad you lied the trailer - I think I've watched it almost a dozen times now!

    I loved the original TRON - even had the read-along-cassette to match (how 80's is that?), so I'm actually looking at taking the day off the day it arrives and scoping it out during the day when the crowds aren't so major.

    Craig - you guys are more then welcome to trek down under and come with! Plus summer will be in full swing by then and I'm betting you guys will be over the cold!

    Thanks for the feedback all!

  6. I used to look forward to the cold. Still do but I can't handle it nearly as well as I used to. My days of running around in a blizzard in shorts and a sweatshirt are pretty much over.

    FYI my computer says it's 17 degrees F out right now.

  7. Well just to make you hate the cold even more yesterday was 25 degrees C here - summers just getting started :D