Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Unleashing The Demon: John Carpenter To Direct Darkchylde

The worst nightmare I ever had was back when I was about seven. I dreamt Darth Vader was walking towards me, lightsaber flicked on high and about to do all kinds of Sith-based nastiness. I woke screaming my non-Jedi lungs out, and even though I was reassured it was 'all in my mind' I still have my doubts as to this day.

Arial Chylde is a different kettle of fish, despite been named after one of the worlds most basic fonts, creator Randy Queen's nightmare-plagued southern belle actually becomes the monsters from her dreams, in order to save her town from the demons she has unleashed.

Already optioned for Hollywood and involving the talents of WETA Workshop, today's news John Carpenter (yip, as in THE John Carpenter) has jumped on to direct, means this awesome little fright-fest has more of a chance of causing a decent nightmare for all of the right reasons when it shivers into theatres April 2011.

Catch up on the Darkchylde saga so far with the bed time reading available now at Darkchylde.com.


  1. I'm "meh" on Darkchylde, but I'm happy to have John Carpenter directing movies again.

  2. That's a pretty badass movie poster though

  3. Looks like a must not miss!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Been honest Rob I've never read more than a preview of Darkchylde - although I've always thought the concept is really sharp.

    To many burns in the 90's I think from 'Bad Girl' comics that lacked substance in the story department I think lead to that.

    Hopefully with WETA and Mr Carpenter involved, this film will really get that core concept across in style, without getting too off track. After-all Hollywood could do with a new horror franchise doesn't it?

    Craig and Jonny - the poster is definitely an eye-grabber that's for sure! Hopefully we get a trailer soon so we can see how the actors measure up...