Thursday, December 02, 2010

FOR THE FILLIONTH TIME: Green Lantern Fan Trailer Puts Nathan In The Hal Seat

Okay so every man and his dog has seen the official Green Lantern trailer, with all the Ryan Reynolds and the so on, but what about all the great fan trailers out there?

Me, I get to thinking about how much time and dedication these folks put in, and it just blows me away. Recently I tripped the light fantastic on this little gem from lantern bearer kj1983.

Featuring Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, it nails both the epic and the impending presence of Sinestro. Infact you loose yourself in it so much you forget trying to count up all the patchwork films it's made from, and just kick-back into the kick-assness off it all. But hey enough from me - check it out for yourself;


  1. i'm telln ya mate! i've been sayin it for a while now this guy was born ta play Green Lantern as sure as Hugh Jackman was born to play Wolverine!

  2. Wow, that's a really good trailer.

  3. Okay, so as I was watching this for the nth time, my little boy came over and got very excited when he saw the words "coming soon". Then I had to explain they didn't really make THIS movie. He said that wasn't really very nice.

    I now need to have a day with Nathan Fillion and Firefly. Maybe a little Dr. Horrible thrown in. Thank you very much.

  4. How old is your boy Random? I got a lot of "hey Dad, whatcha watching?" too.

  5. Thanks guys - Glad you like it as much as I do! I think I watched it about a dozen times just while I was writing out the post!

    And you're right David - Nathan does look alot like Hal in this teaser... maybe if Ryan doesn't want to play Hal in the (why isn't it already under way) Justice League movie, Nathan could step up to the plate?

    And Random sorry to have partially filled in your weekend for ya'! Here's hoping it's cold and wet, so being inside is the better option anyway!

    On the plus side though, your son is welcome to watch this trailer, here daily, until it's 'brush teeth and bedtime' o'clock if you want. :D

  6. He's 6, Cdresosby, and obsessed with superheroes. Although his favorite is, hands down, Spider-man, he will watch anything that is comic related. He's home sick today and is watching Superman Returns as we speak.

    And no apologies are necessary. Truth be told, I don't need a lot of excuses for putting in Firefly. Or Dr. Horrible.