Tuesday, December 07, 2010

LION ARMOUR - What To Give When Socks And Ties Won't Do This Christmas

DeviantART is my not so secret addiction. I'm forever thumbing through it's pages when I'm at a loose end, looking at the creative juices of other folks and marveling at what a talented world it is we strut around in.

Take the portfolio of Azmal aka Samuel Lee. While some may chuckle at the thought of a 26 year old American 'armour designer', the results of his craft are far from a joke. They are flat out amazing - squared.

This leather and nickel finished hardware Lion Armour took three weeks, and three sets of hands to sort, and while it may not sport repulsor rays or a gatling gun à la War Machine, if you chucked it on I guarantee you'd never have to wait in line again.

Now if it only came with a beer holder...

See Samuel's other amazing fortified designs, right after the jump.


  1. Beer holders are available by special order : )

  2. Hey Samuel! Thanks for dropping by!

    Stunning work mate, and now you've worked a beer holder into the mix, it just might make it an unbeatable legacy! Look forward to what you create next!

  3. Samuel4:39 am

    hehe. Thank you.