Sunday, December 19, 2010

MAKING A MARK: Barry Kitson

Every Sunday, Making A Mark gives a bit of space to an insanely talented artist. Heading into Christmas, that spotlight will feature a pro whose artistic style has a positive and bright festive feel, one that makes their work more than just 'good for goodness sake'.

Today it's the artist that would be first on my shopping list if a mysterious billionaire arrived on my doorstep (be he intergalactic or local), and said 'Here is limitless cash and distribution deals. Go out, get great talent and make great comics!' - Barry Kitson.

Barry's style to me is 'classic, confident comics'. Clear, strong artwork that perfectly links the greats of the past - like Carmine Infantino - with the ultra detailed stylings of today's Jim Lee's and whatnots.

While his above artistic run on mini-series JLA: Year One is one of the best Justice League stories on God's green earth, I never really feel Kitson has had the break he deserves - despite being consistently spectacular every turn at bat.

His speciality - faces. Not only can he naturally convey any human emotion with a few strokes of his pen, once Barry has drawn a character you see how that character's face should look. 

The best example? His work on the equally criminally unsung run of  Legion of Super-Heroes. There he took the massive cast and truly made them all look individual. Not an easy thing to do by any stretch.

Is it just me or does Kitson have a knack for She-Hulk? I might have to change my idea to 'He'd be the first artist I head-hunted if he wasn't drawing She-Hulk or helping to slightly lighten Daredevil at the time'.

Yeah, then I'd grab him!

To see more great Barry Kitson numbers, including behind the scene sketches and art, jump over to

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